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Welcome to Stratas Consulting LLC - Home base for 1 Ferrets Treasures™. A respected eBay buyer and seller since 1997. Stratas Consulting via 1 Ferrets Treasures on eBay is the official eBay auction seller for the Ferret Association of Connecticut.

1 Ferret's Treasures™ Store


1 Ferret's Treasures specializes in:

·         Iron on; sew on, hot fix and stick on appliques' and patches including:

o    Disney - including Princess and Pooh designs

o    Animals - domestic and wild

o    Fish and shells

o    Children's designs

o    Professions and hobbies such as music, dance, gardening and gambling

o    Sports themes, including baseball, football, soccer, golf, tennis and cheerleading

o    Religious

o    Cultural and themes such as Southwest and Farm Animals

o    Astrological including stars and planets

o    Heraldic themes and images, including fleur de lis, lions, crests

o    Holidays: Christmas, Valentine, St. Patrick's, Thanksgiving and more.

·         Handpainted Needlepoint Canvases - specializing in Liz Goodrich Dillon, Tapestry Tent, Alice Peterson and Susan Roberts.

All patches and appliques are available direct to US and International buyers. We also offer volume discounts.

1 Ferret's Treasures™ eBay Auctions & Store


1 Ferret's Treasuresunder eBay user ID FACT specializes in:

·         Iron on; sew on, hot fix and stick on appliques and patches including:

·         Sewing notions: ribbons, cords, needles, quilt binding.

·         Items benefiting the Ferret Association of Connecticut*.


Items are sold via 1 Ferret's Treasures on eBay that benefit the Ferret Association of Connecticut shelter headquartered in Hartford, C: a non-profit, humane and educational 501(c)3 charitable organization founded in January, 1991. FACT is dedicated to helping ferret owners, caretakers, and most importantly, the ferrets themselves.

1 Ferret's Treasures is proud to be able to offer items on behalf of the Ferret Association of Connecticut. All items either donated on behalf of or from the FACT shelter store are clearly identified as such in the listing.




A note about this site


1 Ferrets Treasures™ is a wholly owned subsidiary of Stratas Consulting LLC.  All information contained herein is copyrighted.

Contact us to learn more about our services.





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